Monday is Schnitzelday

Every Monday is Schnitzelday!

A Wiener Schnitzel from the Hoheloher calf, the Schnitzel Wiener Art from the Schwäbisch-Hallischen Landschwein
and the vegan oyster-mushroom Schnitzel are available for only 16.61 Euro.

The Schnitzelei wishes good appetite!

To the menu

Craft beer

In addition to our classics, we now serve craft beers. Based on our beer-loving dishes, we now have a variety of flavors in our extended beer menu. From the IPA to pale ale to the unfiltered is all there. Breweries such as BRLO and Maisel & Friends are represented on the new menu. The beers were sorted according to braustilen or from mild to spicy, so that our guests get a better orientation, what they expected to taste. Of course we also have various non-alcoholic for all who want full flavor but no alcohol.