Our story

How it all started

After 17 successful years of Schnitzelei Charlottenburg and an additional six years in Mitte, Stefan Schneck and his team decided it was time to move even further south. Several months of renovation later, the third Schnitzelei opened in Wilmersdorf in December 2022. Another highlight that perfectly combines modern and traditional charm. Along with the new location came the revision of the menu to make it more open to all guests, whether vegetarian, meat eater or vegan. Everyone can find both their favorite dish and their favorite location.

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Schnitzel for everyone

Creative schnitzel creations for all tastes and moods, that’s our motto. In addition to the classic Wiener Schnitzel and other variants with meat, we also offer many vegetarian and vegan Schnitzel. We deliberately did not rely on “fake meat”, but rather “played” with vegetables. Surprise yourself with something new!

In order for it to taste good, the basic products have to be right. Most of our fruit and vegetables come from the region. We obtain all of our meat exclusively from the rural producer groups Schwäbisch-Hall & Paderborner Kikok. High, binding animal welfare standards ensure above-average meat quality and allow us to enjoy the occasional, special piece of meat with a clear conscience.

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