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Scavenger hunters of this earth, come together and share our enthusiasm for Schnitzel with us in the Schnitzelei. In the trendy center, located on a quiet backyard, you will find the Schnitzelei Mitte. We want to show you that german cuisine offers delicious tapas, a schnitzel can still surprise and that traditional cuisine and design can be mixed. We would be happy to share our modern interpretation with you.

That's how it all started

After eleven years of successful Schnitzelei in Charlottenburg, Stefan Schneck and his team decided to take the step towards Mitte. Working creatively with classics is still the motto, but the design is a new one! The existing brick walls were harmoniously combined with stained shingles and oak wood furniture. This gives the rooms a cozy and very modern atmosphere. Again, in addition to the classic wiener schnitzel and the german tapas creations such as the vegan oyster mushroom schnitzel, a boiled schnitzel or fish as schnitzel. There is the right dish for every taste.

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Schnitzel for gourmets

The food is mostly prepared using local ingredients. Even the drinks, beers as well as the wine and even our obstler are all made by small producers, that still produce their products with enthusiasm. Based on the beer-loving dishes and in line with the trend, we have an extended beer menu. From now on, there are five different beers on tap and ten bottled beers, with a focus on craft beer, from IPA to pale ale to unfiltered. Of course, we also have a gluten-free beer, which is as light as a pils, but still has the bitter note of a full-bodied beer.

To the specials

Even veggies can find their specials

The name might not immediately show, but we also have a variety of the classic for those who do not eat meat! In addition to selected German tapas, which are both vegan, as well as vegetarian, we also serve schnitzel completely without meat. From vegan oyster mushroom schnitzel to vegetarian vegetables cordon bleu we are sure you will find something.

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